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API Solutions for AI Developers:

LEXamples’ APIs provide law firms and legaltech companies with curated access to over 2.3 million material contracts and governing documents referenced as exhibits in SEC filings since 2017. Each record includes up to 20 different metadata tags so you can finely tune your Large Language Models (LLM) with precision.

If you're in the process of developing proprietary AI tools and need a vast, organized database of SEC exhibits, email info@lexamples.com for details.

Capitalizing on LEXamples' Data Offerings

Since launching in early 2023, LEXamples has been constructing the most extensive and meticulously organized database dedicated to SEC exhibits in the world. Through the collection and classification of formerly unstructured exhibits referenced in SEC filings, LEXamples has positioned itself as an indispensable tool for corporate legal practitioners in need of sample documents to streamline and refine their drafting or research. In the past, our customers accessed this invaluable database via our website at LEXamples.com. Unlike the unmoderated ocean of exhibits data on EDGAR, LEXamples.com offers legal professionals tailored tools to search and focus their results. We've transformed an intimidating volume of data into practical bites. And now, we're enhancing data accessibility with the introduction of innovative enterprise products.

LEXamples: Making SEC Exhibits Accessible to All Humans

For those building tools centered on any exhibit type, be it merger agreements, employment agreements, credit agreements, charters/bylaws, sustainability reports, press releases or hundreds of others, LEXamples now offers a means to benefit from our expansive categorizations:

Exhibit Type API - This tool allows you to incorporate LEXamples' search functionality to fetch millions of exhibits by type with text, images, files, category, type and other metadata you need to train your LLM.
New Company Exhibits API – Returns the newly referenced exhibits filed in, and since, the given company’s last 10- K/20-F.
All Company Exhibits API - Returns the currently referenced exhibits from the given company’s last 10-K/20-F plus any “New Exhibits”.

These APIs are particularly advantageous for Law firms venturing into in-house tool creation and proprietary applications. Benefit from LEXamples’ exhaustive effort to pre-process exhibits data, saving you the hassle of initial document sourcing, data segmentation, and processing. In today's world, where large language model (LLM) tools are becoming increasingly popular, a robust data strategy is pivotal for companies of all kinds. Our API access allows you to build on our organization of publicly accessible exhibits data from the most reputable source, SEC EDGAR. This ensures your LLM training initiatives face no hindrances.

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