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LEXamples is like discovering the Great Library of Alexandria was safely buried in Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings all this time for investors, financial analysts and the legal community.

Exhibits are a treasured library of the Western world's greatest corporate legal works and a critical component of any M&A due diligence or substantial investment decision process. Yet, they have been buried in SEC filings for millennia.

Required to be included with certain 1933 Securities Act & 1934 Exchange Act filings, Exhibits have always been a vital resource for c-suite advisors and market data providers.

  • Exhibit 1 Underwriting Agreements: The legal and financial cornerstone of every IPO S-1 filing can take many strategic forms.

  • Exhibit 2 Merger Agreements: The most highly negotiated (and litigated) of all the exhibits, the deal terms of M&A agreements represent tens of thousands of hours of Biglaw IP.

  • Exhibits 3 & 4 Charters, Bylaws & Poison Pills: The foundation of corporate governance starts with the disclosure of these organizational documents and instruments defining shareholder rights.

  • Exhibit 10 Material Contracts: The infamous "Ex-10" can be (i) "a contract upon which the registrant's business is substantially dependent" or (ii) "a management contract or compensatory plan". Either way they are like gold buried in SEC filings.

Since the SEC's electronic EDGAR system was made mandatory, circa 1996 A.D, scholars wishing to search across companies relied on inherently imperfect boolean keyword "search strings", or hoped the exhibit was formatted with a TITLE, to be able to identify a sampling. With no convenient way to be certain if the sample exhibit found was operable or if the search ultimately yielded a comprehensive result.

Generate more than a list of example agreements, comprehensively leverage the intellectual property of the top legal minds in the world with LEXamples.com.

  • Exhibit 10 Material Contracts by Type, Law Firm, Mkt Cap
  • Include Operable Exhibits Only
  • Comprehensive Item 601 Exhibit Database

LEXamples is the best thing to happen to SEC filings since EDGAR.


How do you find an SEC Form 10-K Part IV Item 15 Exhibit when;

  • it's incorporated by reference inaccurately?
  • the hyperlink is not required pursuant to Rule 105 of Regulation S-T?
  • it's buried within the body of another filing?
  • it's a pre-EDGAR paper "(P)" filing?

Fun Fact; as of 2019, almost a quarter (123) of S&P 500 companies still referenced a paper filed exhibit in their 10-K Annual Report. Paper filed exhibits refer to Item 601 disclosures made before EDGAR.

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